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Redgrass is a Cyprus graphic  and advertising design agency based in the city of Paphos.
The agency was formed in 2006 by the association of the graphic designers Tziamalis Nikolas and Lambrou Ntinos. Sharing the believe of the need of fresh and innovating solutions for the communicating challenges and needs of nowadays they placed as concept of the company the clear and smart design which enables to bright ideas to flourish...
Graphic design is not just shapes, forms and color. It is a whole process of visual communication by using text, images and graphic elements to present an idea. Graphic design can be used to inform or promote a message as all the other forms of communication.
Our creative team which is comprised of qualified graphic designers is always ready to provide fresh and contemporary graphics according to the needs of every client...
The main aim of a campaign is not to inform everybody but to reach the direct target market with a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme. For us advertising is not an expense but an investment. We always focus on creating a campaign at your measures with no unnecessary expenses and with high return on investment following the right stages for a successful campaign:
It is not about how you think you are, but how the others see you.
In the era of globalization, mix culture societies and free market, corporate identity and branding is one of the most important elements for the structure of a successful business. Its an element which differentiates any business from its competitors, how the consumers see you...
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