Company Profile

Redgrass is a Cyprus graphic  and advertising design agency based in Paphos.

The agency was formed in 2006 by the association of the graphic designers Tziamalis Nikolas and Lambrou Ntinos. Sharing the believe of the need of fresh and innovating solutions for the communicating challenges and needs of nowadays they placed as concept of the company the clear and smart design which enables to bright ideas to flourish.

For us graphic and advertising design is a visual voice which enables us to communicate. As in all communications, using the same words isn't as important as speaking the same language. So what we do first in the process of our work is to listen and focus on our clients. Understand their needs, goals, customer's profile and help them differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Following the latest technological improvements and always having in mind the needs of the market we are ready not to spend but to invest our clients money in the best possible way.Our aim is to help our clients  to make their mark in the market.

Redgrass provides a wide range of services from graphic design, advertising campaigns,  corporate identity and branding, digital presentations,digital brochures (flipbook), illustrations, interior graphics, TV & radio spots and webpage layout design.


Philisophy and Process 

Visualizing an idea through graphic design for solving a communication problem is a result of a long process flow from several questions.

We always try to learn as more as we can about the products or services, needs, customers and goals of our clients as a way to have a clear view of who they are. This allowance of information leads as to a process of defining solutions for all the problems and questions that were created. At the end we analyze the solutions and compress them to a clear and innovative idea.

We believe that smart and clean messages with minimal decorative elements are always much more effective.