FlipBook - Digital Brochure

The Flipbook is a new service offerd by Redgrass Studio that converts  your printed or PDF brochures, cataloques, magazines etc into an interactive 3D digital brochure with realistic page turn effect. The flipbook has a user friendly interface with intergraded functions such as zoom, print, goto page and a rich media content such us animations, video, interactive swf page and extrnal links to URLs.
With Flipbook you eliminate the cost of printing and distributing your brochures while it can be sent via e-mail, downloaded from your website or even burned on a CD-ROM.

> Click here to view the Flipbook demo <


-Page flip
-Go to page
-Print page

Page FLip
Turn the pages of the flipbook as you do with a printed brochure.Just click and drag the corner of the page.
With a click on the zoom button you can zoom in on the page you want.
You can print the page or the pages you want just by clicking on the print button for the page you want to print.
Go to page
If you want to go to a specific page  just type the number of the page in the goto page field.


-Custom surfaces
-Internet &/or CD-Rom

Custom surfaces
The surface of the flipbook can be customized so as to be a part of your brand identity by using elements such as  the logo and the colors  of  your company.
Internet &/or CD-ROM
The flipbook can be viewed on the internet, sent via e-mail or even burned on a CD-ROM as a exe file.

Advanced Functions

-Video & Animation
-Exteral links to URLs

Replace your still images with video or animations and make your brochure much more interesting.
The flipbook as a flash document can contain interactive swf pages. That means their can be buttons that make a specific action in any page.
External links to URLs
All the products  you use in flipbook can be linked to an external URL(your web site).

Examples of Use